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Jibson's Paintball Park
Home of Erie Shores Paintball
Tactical Paintball Team
Crazy Infidels started with a group of guys who just like to play
paintball.  This group was always at the field playing so the
thought was put out to make a team.  With 9 members strong we
are a close team who enjoys playing tactical paintball but doesn't
mind sparring with the speedball players.  Jibson's was a perfect
place for the team to hone their skills with both woods and
speedball fields giving all areas of paintball play.  With the
affordable prices the CI team is always practicing making us a new
up coming threat to the tactical senerio paintball scene.
Anyone or team wishing to challenge us or would like us to join in on a game with them
please contact or mention it on the phone when you call.  
You can also reach us on the Jibson's FaceBook page.
When We started in 2010
PHONE: 519-775-2489